High-quality printing technologies

PEKELEC t-shirts graphic prints are made using state-of-the-art technology and procedures using high-quality colors with long-lasting features and durability.

Original graphic design prints

All the graphic designs that our t-shirts are provided are original. T-shirts are made in limited series which will make you sure you are original in these tees too.

By buying any t-shirt you will contribute

Part of the profits of the PEKELEC t-shirts sale are separately accumulated. After reaching the usable amount these funds will be used for local charitable purposes. The details of the use of these funds will be announced and presented.

What the hell does PEKELEC mean?

Pekelec is an old word from the Czech dialect, which in fact means a special place behind the old bread oven where it was possible to sleep and where was pleasantly warm. Synonym was also the word 'PEKLO' which translated to english means 'HELL'. So when you tell Pekelec to native speakers they will imagine something infernal besides other things. Pekelec sounds like if you say Hell-man in English. Yes, Pekelec can evoke something like Hell-man, respectively Devil.