➥ 7. Rights from defective performance

7.1. The rights and obligations of the parties regarding defective performance rights are governed by applicable generally binding legal regulations (in particular the provisions of Sections 1914 to 1925, Sections 2099 to 2117 and Sections 2161 to 2174 of the Civil Code and Consumer Protection Act 634/1992 Coll. as amended).

7.2. The seller is responsible to the buyer for the goods to have no defects. In particular, the seller is liable to the buyer that at the time the buyer took over the goods:

- the goods have characteristics that the parties have negotiated and, in the absence of an arrangement, possess such characteristics as the seller or the manufacturer has described or which the buyer expects with regard to the nature of the goods and the advertising they make,
- the goods are fit for the purpose for which the seller indicates or to which goods of this type are normally used,
- the goods correspond to the quality or performance of the agreed sample or original if the quality or design has been determined according to the agreed sample or original,
the goods are in the appropriate quantity, degree or weight, and
- the goods comply with legal requirements.

7.3. The provisions of Article 7.2 of the Business Terms and Conditions do not apply to goods sold at a lower price for a defect for which a lower price has been agreed for the wear and tear of the goods due to their normal use, buyer, or if it results from the nature of the goods.

7.4. If a defect occurs within six months of the takeover, the goods are deemed to have been defective already at takeover. The buyer is entitled to claim the right to a defect that occurs with consumer goods within twenty-four months of the takeover. Minor variations in the positioning and punching of printed textiles over the picture are not defective and will not be recognized as the subject of a product claim.

7.5. The buyer is informed about recommended practices and appropriate care of delivered products. In the event of non-standard interventions or use of non-recommended procedures for the care of the delivered goods, claims will not be accepted. For more information about recommended care, see the Web Interface Information section.

7.6. Rights to defective performance are claimed by the buyer at the seller's office in writing at his address.

7.7. Other rights and obligations of the parties related to the seller's liability for defects may be regulated by the seller's claim rules.